Nothing Else Fills

Nothing Else Fills

Sitting here this evening enjoying a whisky sour and making my best attempt at drawing, seems I always disappoint myself. What a long week even though it was shorter than most. I find that I am hating my job more and more each day even though it is a great one. It is truly not that bad and many would love to have it. The company I have worked for has kept me employed for ten years, paid me well enough to be able to have purchased a new home and vehicles as well as take care of my family.  We have more than most and yet I feel unsatisfied, I feel like something great is missing.

I have accepted that no matter what I have or have to offer I will always have this hole inside of me.  That hollow feeling will always be there, the key is living with it and finding something daily that makes me smile.

Nothing Else Fills by Bukowski

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