Daily Grind

Daily Grind

My employer gave everyone the past 4 days off which was well needed.  I often feel that my approach towards my work has become stale and that I lack the enthusiasm that I had at one point in time.  I know that most everyone feels this way from time to time but those of us who suffer from depression have a harder time performing to our full potential.  Focusing on the negative things during the work week come natural to us and I feel that this is my biggest battle every monday morning.  I know pretty much what to expect of the work week, there is no pot of gold at the end of rainbow, little excitement for friday because I know that come the following monday I will be doing it all over again, a feeling of being stagnant in life.

What I am trying to do is to find the small things that I can appreciate and build upon them. I am looking at what makes me smile and forcing myself to spend more time with those small things. Most importantly on monday find something that makes you smile and dedicate half an hour with whatever it may be.  Throughout the day make a plan to visit that thing that made you feel good on Tuesday if only for fifteen minutes .  It is easy to let the negativity consume us is every aspect of what we do, don’t let it take the things you enjoy most.

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