Solace Can be Found

Solace Can be Found

There are many things that can push that dark cloud away and allow the sun to shine through but many of those things are short-lived, merely a few minutes. The few things that I enjoy and have a deep passion for has become a chore it seems. I love music, it has carried me along for so many years, I suppose that is why I chose the image for this blog.  I took up playing the banjo and have really enjoyed the comfort I find when I am lost in a song, but this too has become something that I can’t find the motivation to do. I laid in bed last night and looked at my musical instruments along side the wall gathering dust and wondered why is it so damn hard for me to pick one up and play for twenty minutes? Every day I keep telling myself that I will practice my music or I will go on a bike ride after work, unfortunately I find it easier to be a slacker on the couch until I crawl in my bed and crack open a book. Taking that first step and forcing yourself to do something you enjoy brings some light and comfort back into your life, if only for a minute it is worth it. That is my goal this week, to do something I find enjoyable and refreshing. I challenge you to do the same.

4 thoughts on “Solace Can be Found

  1. “Stop laying and start playing.” I did that with painting….now i paint 4 days a week. I was depressed and now can rest. Waiting for the next day to paint. Try this! Stop reading you can do that at nite before bed. practice music look on u tube music

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